SigEp's Three Cardinal Principles


Standing aggressively for honesty in all walks of life. Speaking cleanly, playing cleanly, and living cleanly. Whenever possible, opposing lawlessness and vice.


Striving to make anything of value worthy to others. Scorning difficulty and persevering to the accomplishments on one's tasks.

Brotherly Love

True friendships. Aiding a brother in times of need, whatever the circumstances.

SigEp is the only fraternity on campus to offer a scholarship opportunity to every incoming freshman at Texas Tech. This scholarship is awarded to high-achieving students who strive to live life in line with the ideals of the "Balanced Man" - a Sound Mind in a Sound Body.

SigEp’s mission since spring 2010 has been “Building Balanced Men.” With these three words, we capture the essence of SigEp’s value to its members: charting a course for men to live their best lives by embracing our cardinal principles of Virtue, Diligence and Brotherly Love and committing to the practice of Sound Mind and Sound Body.

After graduation, a SigEp is prepared to take these lessons and apply them to the rest of his life. Commitment to the cardinal principles and a philosophy of balance does not end at graduation. SigEps continue in their quest for knowledge and health as they go out to lead the larger world.

With almost 300,000 members, SigEps live, serve and work around the globe. They are having significant impact in business, government, community service and academia. Our mission is carried out through chapters and by cultivating the connections alumni have with one another.